I am crazy about clocks!! And I love painting Pet Portraits!! So I laminated prints of some of my favorite original paintings and created these affordable clocks! Whatta great gift for your fav pet lover! (Just write the Clock name you want in the white text box above the "Buy Now" Button!!) They use one AA battery and are very well behaved...Adopt yours NOW!! Reg. $39.99 Now $29.99


     Dog Pack w/Quotes                           Tiger                        Blue Cat           Blue Macaw



Rainbow Lab                Dobie                          Beagle




        Golden                                   Bassett Hound          Cocker Spaniel



        Scarlet Macaw


     German Shepherd                      *Just Write Which Clock You Want In The Text  Box*

                                                                                       Reg.$39.99   NOW $29.99 FREE SHIPPING!!!                                                          

Which clock do you want?





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