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Wanna make fun beautiful stuff in your jammies anytime you feel like it? Then these classes with me teaching you step by step, are just what you've been looking for!! My plan is to keep adding to the library every time I'm inspired with a favorite or fun new short project or skill or tip, cuz maybe you're like me, and prefer to get new projects finished in one sitting...?

Or maybe you just wanna pick up specific skills or improve your painting. or lettering, or create something beautiful for your home or to give as a gift...

Well stay tuned & buckle up buttercup...cuz I have a long list of projects that I am planning to teach, write up, & video just for you, so if anything on this list gets you chompin' at the bit so to speak, let me know & I'll get on to creating that class next...

Here are several I am planning to create soon:

Easy clocks, Easy Floor cloths, Painted Lampshades , DIY Barstools, DIY Tables, Paint Directors Chairs, Paint Upholstered Chairs, Stamped Metal Jewelry, Easy Sign Lettering, How to Paint Sunsets & Palm Trees, Easy build Porch benches & Chairs, God's Eyes, Friendship Bracelets, Wind chimes, Paper Plate Weaving, Leather bottles, Tie Dye Tips & Secrets, Glass & Porcelain Painting...and many more!!

But my First Tutorial is here NOW!!!       

Barb's Super Secret "No Brush" Painting Process!!

   Human connection & creating art together is the path to GREAT JOY and MEMORABLE EXPERIENCES make the best gifts!!!!

 Learn step by step in fun short videos with Me how to use my special unique paint technique that works on almost any surface! Wood, Glass, Metal, Paper, Canvas, Plastic, believe me you'll be hooked!! This colorful & fun process was created by Barb, along with her campers & staff after many years of camp A & C classes & thousands of beautiful finished projects!  Everybody who tries it, LOVES it! So I wanna share it with everyone! With a little practice & all my tips & tricks in these short videos, I believe you too can master my Super Secret Process!!

       AND IT'S ONLY $10 !!


       12 Videos with Barb teaching you the process, and exactly how to do it on at least 8 different projects & surfaces!! ($250 VALUE)

        The right supplies to use & where to find them (saving you search time is priceless)

         Easy access to all the video tutorials 24/7 right here on my website ($99 VALUE)

      Access to Barb for any questions you may have anytime (PRICELESS!!) 

        A $349.00 VALUE for $10....but buy now cuz soon this first class will be Unit 1 of Barb's FAV  SUMMER CAMP ARTS & CRAFTS COURSE & no longer available "a la carte"

 So WOW!! Click below to buy now & within 24 hrs of purchase Barb will email you the instructions for access to your video classes and you can get started!!        



BUT WAIT!! (LOL!) NO REALLY! For just $5 more($15 total) you will get access to all the videos AND I will email the pdf of the step by step instructions with Barb, including a supply list and the best places to buy!! (If you like reading instructions as you go, this is your best deal!!) So click below while they're still available!! 


Thanks for buying my class!! I promise you will have fun & make BEAUTIFUL THINGS!!

See Ya Soon! ❤️Barb 





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