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Scarlett (Smith) Stokes   scarlettcolleen@yahoo.com
10-27-2011 1:41:35 PM CST

AWE-SOME! I Love your dreams and I Love your art! I knew you were a beautiful person back in Camp and now I see my memory hasn't failed me. "It is good!" Love! Scarlett

Scott Farrell
10-25-2011 8:34:49 AM CST
It was great seeing you this weekend. Cool website.

A J Bronsky   ajbronsky@bjpc.com
06-29-2011 11:31:12 AM CST
Hi Barb, Congratulations on your success. So many years since Camp Lausmann!! Best Wishes.

kevin   kcasey@ymcabham.org
12-17-2010 2:16:30 PM CST
Love the site....might order one of those painting of black dog...Looking forward to seeing you over Christmas

Mary   Busser16@aol.com
03-29-2010 2:27:19 PM CST
hey there ol' (not old) paintin pal! Miss you, just wanted to drop by and see the site again, looks great! Miss you!

Jon Hiler
03-22-2010 8:17:05 PM CST
Having been instructed in art since I was very young,I thought that there was nothing I could learn in an entry level one-night event. I was dead wrong!I not only had a blast( I suggest getting a group of friends together to go like I did),but I picked up techniques that I've incorporated into my own.Barb is as fun as she is talented;leading the class,not dominating it.

Tina   tinacastelli@comcast.net
03-14-2010 7:11:29 PM CST
Hi Barb, This is Tina, Patty's friend from CA! Love your artwork, love your classes. I will email you about some art market ideas, talk soon, Tina

02-01-2010 9:31:51 PM CST
Hey barb love the pictures!!!

Liz Ragan
01-03-2010 4:34:24 PM CST
Hey Barb, just checked out your site...its great! Good for you for working SO hard and getting your studio...I hope you are swamped with work in 2010. hope to see you on the beach----soon.

Erin Lyons
11-13-2009 12:37:35 PM CST
I love the photos! Hayleys B-day party was so much fun!

Bruce H.
11-12-2009 3:28:16 PM CST
Love your animals!!


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